1 oz - HCG 23 day supply:
The secret is out! HCG Diet Healthy Choice Gourmet will target the abnormal fat deposits and use them for well needed energy thus allowing healthy fat to maintain its protective function as a cushion around organs and skeletal structures. Here we offer you a real solution, not another fad yo-yo diet that you have tried in the past. Our 4 week 1 oz - HCG Fat Release Formula will help you fight and win your health back!
What we are offering you is a long-term lifestyle transformation that begins with homeopathic HCG supplementation.
Our 1oz - HCG has a unique underlying benefit that helps your body release and use up Type III (abnormal) fat stores in your body and use them for energy instead of the calories you would normally consume! 
Product Highlights:
23 day program Resets Your Hypothalamus Uses Type 3 "bad" Fat For Energy Can Re sculpt Your Body Helps Eliminate the Need For Yo-Yo Diet
1 oz - HCG

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