Colon Cleanse
As a means of establishing overall digestive health and effectiveness, Healthy Calorie Gourmet Colon Cleanse contains a revolutionary combination of probiotics and calming agents. Utilizing the popular probiotic acidophilus, and aloe vera as a calming agent, this product has been shown to maximize the body’s ability to eliminate waste. Overall digestive health has been shown to promote efficient nutrient absorption and overall energy levels. Designed to be used as a 15-day colon cleanse, this product is compatible for those adhering to the Simeon Protocol, or those simply looking to enhance overall health and vitality. Healthy Calorie Gourmet Colon Cleanse has additionally been shown to eliminate constipation in users, and can serve as a means of promoting digestive health in narcotics users. Patients are advised to carefully read all dosing directions and consult their physician with any questions relating to the product.
Colon Cleanse

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